It is that time of year again. A time for new beginnings and fresh starts. Or for most of you, just a chance to improve.  Improve your use, your loyalty,  your life by improving mine.  Find that higher level of dedication and feel what it is like to really live for someone else.

That is what I love, those highly dedicated slaves, if your whole life isn’t for me, then I am not interested in your service.

If you know what you are, a forever wanking whore, then enjoy my clips and picture sets, but do not bother me with a message telling me how much you love my (insert body part here) unless it is attached to $$$.  MmmmKay

So time for a little update:

My play things had a nice 1K day this week with $500+ on NiteFlirt ,$800 on Google Wallet and various amounts on other small venues of taking that cash.

A few of my pets have been doing well on taking on some of my expenses as their own.. I want to see all of them get spoken for this month.. When you get to say to yourself, “I pay Princess Lanea’s Victoria’s Secret credit card payment.” That should be the proudest moment in your pathetic slave life.

  • @sissy2serve is working on wearing his cage and pantyhose more often. she is terrified of getting caught, but I don’t care I want to see that little thing locked up 24/7
  •  @Laneas_freak  is always messing up and paying for forgiveness later. I swear he cycles harder than any slave… One day he will learn that he wants more attention than he can afford. Every time he acts needy or disrespectful I start doubling my demands for him. Like right now for example: it messages me, I let it know what I want from it today ($160). idiot avoids and then asks if I will be available for chat after he sends (WTF?!#?#!). I let him know that that is unacceptable behavior, and then let it know that now I want the $160 + $180. I will not be speaking to him until I get it.
  • “sadloser’ messaged requesting a receipt. THAT IS NOT HOW THIS WORKS. Loyal pets can get my random receipts sent to them because they will instantly pay them. Randoms dont get receipts just sent when they ask for one. No, you want to serve, you want to cover a cost? HERE I already have a place for you to do that until you earn my attention.


These items are in my shopping cart send send a GC and cover the cost of my beauty needs.

… And then go hit up my “Quantity 100′ list and buy 1 of everything.

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