So as @Laneas_freak knows I am so serious when it comes to blocking subs for inappropriate behavior. I don’t care how long you have been serving me. (In his case like 3.5 years)

If you act disrespectful I will not put up with it. There will be punishments!

So @Laneas_freak spent a large part of the week racking up his unblock fee ($250 to be exact) before realizing his will was no match for mine. He sent $200 (to get the adding of punishment to stop and to be unblocked from at least twitter and will be sending the last $50 asap.

And what has freak learned:

-I give his life purpose, he is nothing w/o Me in his life

-he owes me so much and not just monetary

-I have always been patient and fair

-he felt nothing but guilt and loss this last week

-he loves Me more than ANYTHING else on this planet

I know he is going to be hitting my wishlist hard this Christmas to try to make up for this nonsense…


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