I have received quite a few resumes and requests to be my local slave, even started the interview process for 2. But I am just not impressed. These subs just aren’t hard workers like they use to be.  My lawnbitch ( who is now serving me again) did a lot of physical labor just to please me. This is what I expect.

One sub washed Alphas truck, even licked the rims clean, but then thought he had earned cleaning my house. WTF?!    No, these things are earned.

@sissy2serve was back in town, so you know he had to sneak away from his gf to come worship my feet in pantyhose.  And is now begging me to make a humiliating pantyhose clip, $200 worth of begging to be exact.


I rarely take pics of my gifts. So here is my lazy gift pics:

purchased 2 purchased 3 purchased 4 purchased 5 purchased 6 purchased 7 purchased 8 purchased 9 purchased1










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  • Princess Lanea thank You so much for allowing this pathetic pig waste loser to serve You & Alpha Master Sean… there is no other place loser would rather be than at the service of the most envious couple on the planet….

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