Getting Ready For Hawaii: Step 2

The next part of my trip planning has been my shopping…If you follow on Twitter you know I have been doing lots of Bikini Shopping for Hawaii my VS card is really getting abused and you walking wallets have been running behind making payments to it.

The bikini this receipt belongs to is SOOO HOTT!


I know my VIP card is on the way after this month!
I know my FOREVER card is on the way after this month!


I am seriously running out of room to put my bikinis, so it looks like I’m going to need to get rid of some…. I haven’t sold or given away anything of mine in a while so this should be fun to watch you losers fight over one of my old bikinis.



This old VS bikini has seen a lot of late night hot tubing and drinking…and can be yours to add to your shrine of Princess Lanea. Bidding starts at  $100….. GO!




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