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Fresh PinaColoda in a Pinapple face :)


As I have been telling everyone, I REALLY messed up by going to Belize before Hawaii….Hawaii was fun and nice but Belize just blows Hawaii away! Too many tourists in Hawaii, and I had the hardest time finding myself something beautiful and ORIGINAL to buy there. Can you imagine how frustrating it is when you have loser money to spend, but nothing to spend it on?!

Obviously I looked amazing everyday!







I did do a handful of fun activities though. We snorkeled the areas around Kona on the 1 non overcast day ( LUCKY US!), we zip lined over waterfalls, went on a submarine to see shipwrecks, went to a Luau, went to a black sand beach, and swam with Manta Rays at night.  But honestly, most of our week was spent escaping the rain by bar and restaurant hoping.







I definitely dd not get enough time on the beach!








Even though it wasn’t my fave vacation how could it not be enjoyable when it was completely loser funded.   $250 in checked bagged fees taken care of by ” Power Lift “..  I suppose better late than never loser!



SPEAKING of @sissy2serve : He was the first to finish my writing assignment I put out to keep you little ones busy. AND he did it in chastity. As his reward he is now on a weekly tribute schedule. $100 every Friday.  





MESSAGE TO ALL CUCKS: Email me requesting info on the picture set I am putting together from Hawaii



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