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20150613_035504As you have noticed my site has a new layout, and I LOVE IT! I finally feel like my site is complete…. Seriously, you idiots can completely live off of this thing now. It links to EVERYTHING!

I’m sure you noticed that most of the links are links. That is because It is my preferred clip site. I have uploaded my favorite clips there at a GREAT price because they give the biggest cut. This is also the reason I have made links to purchase cam time from this site. I love when everything is organized and I haven’t felt like it has been lately so I went on a cleaning spree. Cleaned up my site AND cleaning up my pigpen. I went on a blocking binge this week, I have no patience for the nonsense. My slaves are reminded that they are so very easily replaced.

It is your fault for not believing me.

So I am now actively putting new slaves in their place.



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